Texturizing your home

Flat, matte walls can be nice, but have you ever thought that you may want a little more texture? Sure, you can apply wallpaper, but doesn’t that sound a bit outdated? And other home improvements mean weeks of construction, and that hassle is before you even take the cost into consideration.

If you are tired of all your interior walls looking the exact same, we have an exciting and affordable solution.

Orange Peel, Knockdown Texture

By adding orange peel, knockdown texture to any wall of your choice, our team of experts can enhance the visual appeal of your walls throughout your home. Committed to providing you with high-quality texturizing solutions, orange peel texturing gets its name because of the way it looks.

Resembling the texture of an actual orange peel, it can be painted any color, giving your walls a unique surface design, creating a truly pleasing finish. Making your walls more interesting, in comparison to flat paint, this simple solution can be all it takes to completely transform your home.

Transforming your walls into a work of art, you can trust our team to treat your home like our own. Taping off any areas we are not working in, and cleaning up when we are done, you don’t have to worry about anything except how great your walls look.

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